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Executive Producer - Aida Memisevic
Aida Memisevic’s, television and media projects have aired in over 40 countries to date with four successful series already produced and a fifth television series currently finishing production. Aida has proven herself to be a talented on-air host and series producer. Her hosting approach is fun, natural and integrates an adventurous, curious style. Past Executive Producer production credits include: Positive Living, The Art of Building Bodies (two seasons), Cosmetic Innovations (three seasons), Body Fuel and the new series Gadget Girlz. She has also produced two feature documentaries, Raised in the Ring (2005) and In the Heart of Gold Country (2004) as well as an award winning audio drama collection of horror fiction stories (Ogle Gold Award 2003). Aida is passionate the most about creating television content that inspires and educates people to create their most amazing life..!
Romel Griarte
Award winning body builder and internationally renowned culinary expert, Romel Griarte is a specialist in food and fitness, leading others towards positive lifestyle choices. Inspired by the art of food presentation, Romel delighted the palate of many as an Executive Chef for esteemed restaurants in elite country clubs and luxury hotels, on cruise ships and private yachts around the globe. He is a national cooking champion and holds the Red Seal, a standard of excellence in the culinary field. Romel is also an IFBB Pro-Card natural body builder and an International WBFF competitor and finalist. Romel is an advocate for healthy lifestyle choices, in food and fitness and plans to one day become a teacher of his trade.
Joe Arko
Masters certified sports performance trainer and coach to professional athletes in the CFL, NHL, NFL, and in the kickboxing arena, Joe Arko is an expert in nutrition, strength and conditioning training. Currently, Joe coaches Kickboxing Canada and the National Kickboxing team. He holds private personal training, nutrition and health consultations through his private practice in Ontario. Joe teaches, trains, and certifies those who wish to be sports performance trainers.
Ask Dr. John
Doctor of exercise and nutritional biochemistry, authoring five books and writing over five hundred articles for fitness and health publications, Dr. John Berardi is a respected authority and leading researcher in exercise and nutrition. Dr. John is a faculty member at The University of Texas and Eastern Michigan University, as well as a nutrition consultant to dozens of world and Olympic athletes. Dr. John’s website assists those wishing to reach their health, fitness and performance goals.
Lauren Jacobsen
With a background in biosciences, award winning figure competitor for Team Canada, Lauren Jacobsen, is passionate about fitness, supplements and helping others reach their fitness goals. Lauren is a supplement consultant for various sports supplement companies and specializes in marketing, editorial and new product development. She is also a contributor to some of Canada’s leading fitness publications. In 2009, Lauren ranked one of the top two competitors for the Canadian Natural Fitness Nationals and placed as one of the top six competitors at the 2009 IFBB North American Championships.
Lyzabeth Lopez
Holistic nutritionist, certified personal trainer and professional fitness competitor, Lyzabeth Lopez has trained over three thousand athletes in gymnastics, dance, fitness and bodybuilding. Contributor to a number of editorials, feature articles and with covers in fitness magazines and appearances on television shows, Lyzabeth has a large following of fitness enthusiasts. Known for her signature strut, Lyzabeth establishing herself as one of the top trainers in fitness competition stage preparation – enabling others to succeed.
Brent Bishop
Elite personal trainer, exercise and lifestyle specialist, Brent Bishop is the go-to man for high performance athletes. Current manager of Performance Continuum and President of Think Fitness Studios in Toronto, Brent has worked with various television and radio personalities, Olympic athletes such as Silken Laumann and former NFL San Francisco quarterback, Jeff Garcia. Whether its running races to attain a new personal best or leading a group of clients on a kayaking adventures, Brent believes challenge and variety are key to ensuring that you get the most out of your potential in life.
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